Over the years, we have worked as an agency with many manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, large and small, to identify their biggest pain points in managing product content. From this we started in 2010 to build a very simple digital framework called BRONGLE with the development of basic PIM and DAM systems.

Brongle stands for simplifying, centralizing, optimizing, analyzing and applying media (wisdom) to tile products of wholesalers and retailers. PIM and DAM systems are at the basis of this Brongle tile platform.

Combining a PIM and DAM system provides a ‘product as a service’ approach that creates an optimal balance between product information and related marketing (sales) content.

The Brongle methodology has proven its ability to solve the biggest challenges in the field of product content, improve communication and boost offline and online revenue among users.

Brongle have 1705 active users and grows daily with new users.


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