The question is the following: “Who or what is Brongle?” Our roots extend from 25 years of experience as a tiling agency for various tile manufacturers. In short, we reconcile our knowledge as a tile agency and IT company to provide tile applications to wholesalers, tile importers, building materials dealers and tile showroom holders.

With our brand-new cloud tiling platform ‘Brongle’ we want to support tile retailers with, among other things, increasing services (increase turnover) and customer experience by means of multimedia, virtual reality and product documentation.

The Brongle platform is an innovative development based on PIM and DAM systems.

Thanks to our expertise in tiling and extensive visits to wholesalers and manufacturers, we are aware of the problems that often occur at retailers in this field, especially the showroom inventory, documentation, presentation and experience of your tile products.

In short, our tile platform ‘Brongle’ is worldwide a unique methodology that uses a mix of product information, multimedia and Virtual Reality 360°.

In addition, our services should not be underestimated. We will support your showroom on site, create an inventory and link your showroom tile products to media, and if necessary we will keep this up to date.


With this platform, we initiate the entire process from A to Z, resulting in a conversion with a guaranteed increase in your service and turnover.

Since 2010, ‘Brongle’ has been in use by some 225 showrooms and 1,709 users. These include tile wholesalers, importers, architects, showroom owners, building material dealers, …


A unique online tile platform for B2B and B2C tile merchants!

With our online tile platform Brongle retailers know everything about each tile with one mouse click. This means not only tile documentation but also high resolution product and interior images (media). All tile data and images are automatically delivered into Brongle and imported for wholesalers, showroom retailers and their customers. 

This way salesman no longer lose time searching the internet for the right images (or experiences), product descriptions or prices. All details of each tile product is online available through Brongle.
With Brongle tile platform, retailers also immediately download product photos in high resolution of each tile. In addition, all media can be freely used by sales people in their showroom, website, webshop or in quotations!











Brongle tile platform is a development of iVisionAR BV. Innovation is of paramount importance to turn innovation into a ‘recurring income’ story for clients. In other words, as an entrepreneur you have to ask yourself the question: How do I rethink or change my business model in such a way that income keeps coming back and growing?

  • Serving customers of retailers and wholesalers faster and more efficiently.
  • Raising the service level to B2b and B2C.
  • More extensive tools for sales, service and service.
  • Technology offers opportunities for more experience and user-friendliness.
  • Paperless office is the future: better for the environment and faster response to questions. “The workflow at our customers is undergoing a transformation: from a large paper shop to a digital age.

The world is changing fast. Just like the tile industry. Thanks to new technological innovations, new challenges and opportunities are constantly presenting themselves. That’s why we have been focusing on digital innovations in the tile industry for many years. Everything started in 2010 with our online framework at Brongle.

Since then we have not been sitting still and are constantly looking for new opportunities to reach wholesalers, retailers and their customers better and faster.

User-friendliness is always central. With new systems we guide wholesalers and retailers to increase sales in their showrooms. IVisionAR is a forerunner in the tile sector in the innovative digital field.

SIM is part of the Brongle tile platform. The sample administration at wholesale and retailer level is a lot simpler and more structured. The service level from wholesale to retailers (B2B) and from retailer to their customers (B2C) will increase considerably.

Labelling? SIM only uses data that is fully up-to-date and, thanks to an integrated basic design, easily creates a new label. The possibility to adapt ‘own’ article codes, descriptions, prices and company logo at article level is a point that only SIM provides. This application is therefore a unique piece of software. In addition, retailers will find a lot of interior images and other media for each tile through the SIM application. Also here the possibility to photograph and insert your own projects. It is a question of providing the end consumer with a clear and uniform image and increasing the experience of the tile products…

ONYX is part of the Brongle tile platform. Bring your experience to life! Onyx virtual reality is the software tool that offers a 3D solution to visualize your floor tiles in experiences!

Virtual Reality makes potential customers more inclined to purchase, according to a doctoral research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. “Virtual Reality fills gaps in traditional marketing”, it sounds.

Realistic, and better than photo or video!

Virtual Reality offers “tremendous potential for both traditional retail and the new e-commerce”, concludes H. Van Kerrebroeck from her doctoral research at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Products shown via virtual reality feel closer and ‘however’ to consumers, and that increases the customer experience.

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